good surface material, good impression!

compulsive appearance, into life, protect the environment!

we are committed to the research and development of energy-saving and environment-friendly aluminium surface technology and innovative products,

5a environmental protection alumina plate

focus on every detail, just because we know your details better.
  • high consistency

    nine measures to effectively control color difference

  • high corrosion resistance

    detergent-resistant, ultraviolet-resistant and non-fading

  • high hardness

    the surface hardness of aluminium sheet is high, up to gemstone grade.

  • high environmental protection

    environmental protection in production process, environmental protection in recycling

  • high metal texture

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  • case
    it can be customized reliably for surface materials of various products.

    • 扫地机


    • 冰箱


    • 咖啡机


    • 空气净化器


    • 油烟机不锈钢


    • 空调


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    the company is located in nanhai national eco-industrial park, foshan city, guangdong province, covering an area of 50 mu. committed to energy-saving and environmental protection of aluminum surface technology and innovative product research and development and manufacturing! it is a national high-tech enterprise to master the core technology of roll-to-roll anodic oxidation and photooxidation.


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